A Spiritual Journey from Stoneberry Resort to Tapovan , Deoghar


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Deoghar, Tapovan stands as a testament to spiritual tranquility and mythological significance. Just 10 kilometers from the heart of Deoghar, this sacred hill invites visitors to explore its ancient temples and caves, each narrating tales as old as time.

A trek morning at Tapovan , Deoghar

The ascent to Tapovan is a journey in itself. In half an hour, climbing through the stairs, through a series of temples and caves, offers a glimpse into the spiritual heritage of Tapovan Mandir. Reaching the summit rewards with a panoramic view of the surrounding area, a sight that captures the essence of peace and devotion.

The Summit’s Divine Guardian : Taponath Mahadev

Atop the hill, the revered Taponath Mahadeva temple stands proudly.The whispers of the past resonate near the Sitakund reservoir, where legend holds that Sita once bathed during her time in the forest. The pursuit of enlightenment by Sri Sri Balananda Bramvacharya also reached its fulfillment here, marking the hill with profound religious importance.

The Hill’s Playful Inhabitants according to Madhupur Weathers

 While accending, be mindful of the playful Hanumans—trained monkeys known for their mischievous antics. They are a reminder of the hill’s vibrant ecosystem, yet visitors should safeguard their belongings like sunglasses, cameras, and mobile phones from these clever creatures.

History of Tapovan , Deoghar : Offbeat places near Kolkata

The rich tapestry of myths and legends weaves Tapovan’s history. Saint Valmiki sought convulsion here, and Hanuman’s divine intervention thwarted King Ravana’s quest for Lord Shiva’s boon. The hill served as a retreat for Ram Chandra during his exile and became a meditation ground for Naga sadhus and disciples like Shri Shri Mohananand Brahmachari.

A trip to Tapovan from Stoneberry Resort 

Located 42.8 km away from Stoneberry resort, the journey to Tapovan is easily navigable by a car provided by Stoneberry Resort, with the trip taking approximately half an hour. For those seeking adventure, a guided trek offers an exciting alternative to the stairs, promising an experience filled with discovery and wonder.

Your Experience Awaits Whether you’re a family with young children or a solo traveler seeking solace, Stoneberry welcomes all.

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