The Stoneberry Resort: One of the Finest Hotels in Madhupur, Deoghar


Renowned for its historic charm and serene ambiance, lies one of the finest hotels in Madhupur, Deoghar region. Welcome to Madhupur, a town with a rich past that once attracted the aristocrats of Kolkata seeking respite in its refreshing climate and the crystal-clear waters of Patro Nadi and Jayanti Nadi. Amidst this verdant landscape stands the majestic Stoneberry Resort, a century-old establishment lovingly restored to offer a glimpse into bygone eras while ensuring modern comforts for today’s travellers

Hotels in Madhupur, Deoghar : A Glance into Past

Madhupur, situated amidst the lush greenery of Jharkhand, holds a fascinating history tightly woven with the stories of affluent Bengali families seeking an escape from the city life. Back in the day, it became a favoured spot for the wealthy, fondly referred to as “babumoshai,” who yearned for peace in its serene atmosphere and rejuvenating waters. The charm of Madhupur extended beyond its natural beauty; it was renowned for the healing powers of its rivers, believed to alleviate various stomach and digestive ailments. This quaint town boasted resorts in Jharkhand that catered to the needs of these visitors, offering them not just a place to stay but an experience of healing amidst nature’s embrace.

Reviving Elegance at One of the Finest Hotels in Madhupur, Deoghar

In the beauty of Madhupur, there’s a gem called The Stoneberry Resort, a splendid 5-star hotel in Jharkhand. With a history as rich as its surroundings, this century-old haven, epitomizes timeless elegance and top-notch hospitality. Originally crafted as a haven for the privileged, it has been meticulously revived to its former grandeur, offering guests a lavish getaway drenched in memories. The resort seamlessly marries colonial charm with modern comforts, whisking guests away to a bygone era of sophistication and charm. Here, amidst the charming landscapes, every corner whispers stories of grace and luxury, creating an experience that’s both indulgent and nostalgic.

Unravelling the Charm

As you enter the enchanting realm of The Stoneberry Resort a well known resort in Madhupur, a feeling of peace washes over you, seeping into every corner of the landscape. The vast grounds, adorned with carefully tended gardens and cozy hideaways, beckon you to relax and soak in the natural beauty all around. The resort offers a variety of charming accommodations, from cozy rooms to spacious villas, each crafted to envelop guests in luxury and comfort.

The Stoneberry Resort is more than just a pretty facade. It’s a sanctuary of delights waiting to enhance your stay. Lounge by the sparkling pool, enjoying cool drinks and tasty snacks from the in house restaurant called BerryBites. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience at the onsite spa, where ancient healing practices and modern wellness techniques come together to refresh your body and soul. And for those seeking adventure, a host of outdoor activities awaits, from leisurely strolls through nature to birdwatching expeditions, ensuring there’s always something exciting to do at The Stoneberry Resort, one of the finest resorts in Jharkhand, near Deoghar.

Exploring the Surroundings

As you ponder your next adventure, consider the captivating allure of The Stoneberry Resort, a gem resort in Madhupur. Picture yourself strolling through the enchanting landscapes of Madhupur, where every corner whispers tales of its rich history. Take a break from the ordinary and delve into the vibrant culture of Jharkhand as you explore this quaint town. From the ancient landmarks that dot its winding streets to the revered temples of Deoghar, there’s no shortage of wonders to uncover. Lose yourself in the spiritual ambiance of Deoghar, a cherished sanctuary for devotees seeking solace and enlightenment. And don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local festivities and folk performances, where the true essence of Jharkhand comes to life. With its blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, The Stoneberry Resort offers an unforgettable journey of discovery for all who seek it.


In a world where finding peace is like searching for treasure, Madhupur shines bright like a gem, offering solace to weary souls. With its fascinating past, crystal-clear streams, and timeless charm, this small town steals the hearts of all who visit, providing a glimpse into days gone by. And in the midst of Madhupur’s lush greenery stands The Stoneberry Resort, a haven of warmth and history, welcoming travellers to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. With its roots deep in the soil of Jharkhand, this resort near Deoghar beckons guests to embark on a journey of renewal, surrounded by the beauty of the land.

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