20 tips for business travel in India


India is not only a land of rich heritage and culture, but also it has emerged to be one of the most superior players in the business travel in India. The Indian economy provides all businesses with a suitable business environment for growth and finding opportunities at the local level. The main purpose of business travel is to boost the growth of the business and gain some knowledge about the business process. 

This blog will discuss the 20 major and important tips for business travel in India. It will help to understand the culture of Indian business and its benefits. So, if you are planning a business trip to India, the tips of this blog will surely help you. 

20 tips for business travellers 

1. Align the requirements for your passport and visa 

You must have a visa and passport if you are coming for a business trip to India from another country. There is a condition regarding the passport: the passport needs to be valid for at least 180 days after entering India and should have 2 blank pages. 

2. Greetings and welcome 

According to Indian culture, when someone enters this country, the Indians say “Namaste” and do friendly verbal communication. 

3. Bring a charged phone charger 

A phone charger is important because it can keep the phone active and make you available. A properly charged-up phone will help you to connect with your colleagues and check all the official documents of your business. 

4. Language of the business 

Proper business language is important because it can help you communicate with your colleagues. Improper language can create some offensive issues, so to avoid such things, you should have knowledge of the business language.

5. Schedule your business meetings

Arrive the day or the night before your meetings to give yourself time to get a good night’s sleep and become familiar with the area, and give you access to relaxing in airport lounges, including other benefits. 

6. Analyze the business relationship

Indians believe in ethics and trust for developing business relationships. Introduce yourself and learn more about your potential companion through small talk. It can be construed as disrespectful to go right into the business matter. 

7. Maintain hydration with water

Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial for avoiding unnecessary problems such as dehydration. But only drink water from the sealed bottles. Otherwise, you may fall sick. 

8. Check the culture of the business in India 

Different countries have different types of business cultures. However, India has a multilingual, multi-ethnic and multiracial society, so it has different cultures. 

9. Study the company 

To get some knowledge about the company, you must research it because it can help you understand the organization’s business mission and vision.  

10. Select a private taxi or car 

Having a private taxi or car in place will help you to reach various destinations easily for your business. 

11. Choose a 4 or 5-star hotel to stay 

To get better services, you must consider the luxurious hotel because it will provide you with standard services. Moreover, you will also get a good number of facilities as per your demand. 

12. Pay bills via cards 

Paying the bills via cards is easier because it will clear all the dues daily. 

13. Know the condition of the climate 

Having an idea of the climate is important to carry the clothes for the trip. Moreover, it will also help you to take precautions against climate change. 

14. Enjoy sightseeing

Manage the time to explore the beautiful culture of India. You should book your room in a convenient location to reach the various places easily. 

15. Hire a translocator 

Hiring a translocator is important for communicating with the people in India. If you have language issues, then you must hire a good translocator. 

16. Traffic regulation 

When crossing streets as a pedestrian, proceed with caution and keep an eye out for all the transport. 

17. Do not be doubtful

When you come or visit India, put your doubts about the country behind you. As we know, Indians are renowned for their outstanding hospitality, and they will try to provide you with the best facilities for making your trip memorable

18. Insurance for health and travel

It would be best if you asked your medical insurance provider about the existence of your insurance during your travel.

19. Money exchange, ATMs, and credit card payments

For any changes, you may always check online, at the airport, or in a currency exchange office. 

20. Security and Emergencies

Most of the states in India considered 108 phone numbers for the emergency p[upose. So when you travel to India, you should know the importance of this phone number. 

So, these are the 20 important tips for business travel in India. This will help you to make your trip memorable and amazing. 


This blog concludes with 20 important tips for business travellers in India. This will help the travellers maintain all the aspects of travel and avoid liabilities. So if you are planning to travel to India, you must consider these tips for making a memorable trip. 

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