10 Facts About Destination Wedding Costs everyone Should Know Destination Wedding Costs

Nowadays, destination weddings are very popular in India, and at the same time, it is very to know Destination Wedding Costs. A few things are mainly responsible for increasing the cost of the destination wedding. But budgeting for a vacation wedding might be challenging. Planning the budgets for lodging, suppliers, airfare, make-up artists, flowers, and all other necessary expenses adds up when calculating the cost of a destination wedding.

This blog will discuss the 10 facts about destination wedding costs in India , and it helps to create awareness about the planning of destination weddings. We know the destination wedding is very costly; however, organizing it properly can help manage the budget of the wedding. 

How To Plan Budget for A Destination Wedding

It would be best to consider several factors in organizing a perfect wedding ceremony to calculate a foolproof destination wedding budget. The planning process is time-consuming, and each action has a cost that must be taken into account from the beginning of the wedding planning process. You must be asking why setting aside enough money for a destination wedding requires careful consideration of every aspect.

In order to organize a peaceful wedding on an affordable budget, you need to consider a few things, which are discussed below. 

Locality & Location

One of the main elements that will affect the price of your destination wedding is the location and venue.

Make sure your location is convenient for various modes of transportation, such as air, rail, and road. This will stop any grand transportation plans between cities. If the procedure and the route are convenient, you may also count on some visitors to make their travel arrangements.

Date & Season

Most Indian weddings occur during the Saya season, which according to the spiritual and religious calendars, is considered an auspicious period to organize wedding celebrations. Now that Saya season is over, there are certain wedding dates available when you can exchange vows and do so, for the most part, for less money than usual.

Visit & Stay

Travel and lodging are always necessary for destination weddings. When organizing a residential wedding, the only costs are the venue’s rent, food and beverage charges, and lodging for the small number of guests traveling from various locations to your wedding. However, travel and lodging costs are required when arranging a destination wedding.

10 facts about Destination Wedding Costs

In order to make the wedding amazing, a huge amount of money is required. So, before planning your destination wedding in India, you need to check the cost of it. Those 10 facts about the cost of a destination wedding are listed below. 

  1. Average Wedding Cost
  2. Destination Wedding Cost
  3. Airline  Cost
  4. Accommodation Cost 
  5. Wedding Package Cost
  6. Number of Guests 
  7. Time to Plan
  8. Children in Attendance
  9. Number of Nights 
  10. Guests’ Hotel Costs

Best places in India for a destination wedding and their cost 

There are many sites in India that are perfect for hosting a destination wedding, and we have hand-selected some of the top ones with an average cost given below. The average cost of a destination wedding in India starts from 7,00000/- to 15,00,000/-.

Destination wedding in Goa

The destination cost will be high in Goa because this is a costly city. Organizing your wedding in the beachfront resort will automatically increase your cost. It provides a range of settings, and Goa’s old-world elegance derived from its Portuguese heritage adds another USP. The total cost will be INR 15,00,000/- to INR 70,00,000/-.

Wedding expenses abroad in Jaipur

Of course, the budget is based on how simple or extravagant you want your wedding celebrations to be. An important factor in this is the guest list. The average cost of a destination wedding in this place will be INR 3000000/-. 

Destination wedding cost at Udaipur 

The forts and palaces in Udaipur, a well-liked wedding location in India, are perfect for wedding venues because they are built in a regal style. When calculating the cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur, you need a regal setting to carry out the ideal plan. The average cost of a destination wedding in this place will be INR 9000000/-.

To organize a proper and memorable destination wedding on a budget, you should make a proper budget plan for the destination wedding. This will help you to organize all the things systematically. 

We know that the destination wedding cost in India is quite expensive. So, before choosing a place and arranging everything for the wedding, you need to choose a proper place and planner for your destination wedding. If you have any queries regarding destination wedding costs in India, you can share your doubts & opinions by a comment. 

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